The Sunday’s River is a majestic river that is located in the Eastern Cape. It is the fastest flowing river in the country. It is at this river that you will find Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding.

The cruises are on the Sunday’s River Ferry. They operate from the Cannonville village, which is in near to the Addo Elephant National Park. The craft has many features. It carries up to 30 people, you can take gorgeous pictures on the upper-level viewing deck & there’s a retractable gangplank. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about using the bathroom because there is a flushable toilet on the craft. Cruise packages are tailor-made. This means that you are free to curate your experience & Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding will be more than happy to oblige. Whether it is a party, a team-building outing or a booze cruise; the team will make sure that you get the experience you’re looking for.
Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding offers three different cruises. The Scenic River Cruise is a beautiful self-catering cruise that is perfect for a day out with the family. The Sunset Cruise is the ideal activity to do after a long day of other fun activities. Relax & enjoy the beautiful scenery in the company of your loved ones. Lastly, is the Sand Sledding Cruise. The cruise goes down the beautiful Sunday’s River & you get a chance to appreciate the stunning scenic views. The Ferry will make a stop at the world-famous Alexandria Coastal Dune Field. This is where you will take photos, enjoy a refreshing swim & most importantly, do some riveting sandboarding.
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Addo Cruises and Sand Sledding