African Croc Dive locates itself in the heartland of the scenic Cape Winelands. The Le Bonheur crocodile farm has more than 1000 crocodiles and is world-renowned. It is approximately a 30-minute drive away from the Cape Town City center. Come and experience Cape Town’s city first Crocodile Cage dive.

 Get prepared to have an adrenalin pumping close encounter with our crocodiles! Cage divers can observe and experience these complex creatures in their natural environment. While you are in the Cage, you can get a close-up look at the Nile crocodile underwater. African Croc Dive provides all the diving gear at no extra cost.

The group of divers will gather the platform where they will meet the crocodile handler. After a brief safety briefing, visitors will receive their diving gear. The spacious Cage can fit up to 10 divers. Visitors will spend roughly 20 minutes in the water with the crocodiles. The photographer will be taking photos and making a video of the group, which they can view and buy after the dive. Complimentary showers are also available for the visitors to enjoy after the dive.

The underwater dry viewing box is another way for visitors to meet the crocodiles. Visitors can also see the crocodile from the aquarium style glass windows. It is a great place to take photographs and videos. They can also enjoy access to the pavilion to cheer on the divers.

Prepare yourself for adrenaline-inducing hair raising meetings with our crocodiles!

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African Croc Dive