Africanyon is an award-winning tourist destination that is bound to excite & enthral each & every one of their guests.

Africanyon offers some of the most exciting adventures that South Africa has to offer. Embark on a Canyoning Adventure. Swim through natural rockpools & abseil in & around waterfalls. Furthermore, every level of adventurer is welcome. Guests do not need any prior experience & the trained guides will ensure an enjoyable experience. In addition, there is a rock pool zipline. Guests also have a choice between an extended or a short tour. All the adventure equipment is courtesy of the Africanyon team.

There is also the Abseil & Via Feratta Activity. This means that you will be descending off a cliff face. Two experienced guides control the descent. The descent is slow, which means that you will have time to take in & experience the beautiful natural surroundings. The geological landscape is a feast for the eyes. You will then land near an ancient river valley that has its own beauty. Harnesses, Helmets, as well as the Via Feratta set are all available from the Africanyon team.

All the adventures are children friendly. The tours & activity durations are approximations. The tours & activity durations depend on group size, weather & river conditions. The staff & guides are helpful. The team is more than willing to assist with any special requests or special requirements. Comfort can’t be stressed enough. Each visiting guest should have comfortable attire on to ensure the most fun & memorable experience.

Visit Africanyon & make unforgettable memories.