Animal Ocean warmly welcomes all guests to take part in Seal Snorkeling. For it is Cape Town’s best eco-friendly, all-natural wildlife experience on your holiday.

Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling proudly announces how they are the TOP rated TripAdvisor activity in Hout Bay. Come along and interact with the seals in their habitat, on their terms. This means that there is no attracting, no cages; it’s just you and the seals in the open ocean.  This activity is well suited to you if you enjoy experiencing the natural world whilst getting salty.

Partake with Animal Ocean at the Snorkeling Center and enjoy private change rooms, coffee, free WiFi and hot showers. Also, Animal Ocean’s vessels can take up to 10 snorkelers and will transport you to your snorkelling site quickly and safely. The snorkelling site is Duiker Island.

The best experiences are in the summer


The best time to experience this activity is during Cape Town’s summer; as this is the time when the Cape Fur seals are most active and abundant. The snorkelling site itself is extremely shallow, between 1 – 5 m deep. This means that you can see the bottom on most days. Not to mention, the boat will always be nearby and you can return to warm up if needed.

Most importantly, there are NO Sharks. There has not been a shark near the island in over 20 years of operation. Duiker Island is placed on the cold Atlantic side of Cape Town where temperatures range between 8C-15C. Great White Sharks favour seal colonies on the east coast of South Africa. Interestingly, the shallow reefs and thick kelp forests prevent large sharks from coming close to Duiker Island.  However, if seeing a Great White Shark is something you would enjoy; we will happily assist you by booking you onto a shark cage diving experience from Gaansbaai.

What’s provided?

  • All snorkelling equipment
  • A seal guide
  • Transfer from the office to the harbour
  • Boat ride
  • Educational briefing
  • Water
  • Biscuits
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot water to pour into your wesuit after you snorkel
  • Along with tea, coffee and a hot shower

Book now for an adventure of a lifetime!


Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling