Anthonij Rupert Wine

Owned by the late Anthonij Rupert and based on the L’Ormarins estate in Franschhoek. Johann Rupert took over the running of the business in 2003. A world-class winemaking facility was later added to the Estate. It later became a sprawling enterprise and a prestigious wine producer.

The wine estate focuses on terroir specific wines; thus, the ranges are from a handful of sites. Each site has optimum varietal specific growing conditions, allowing Anthonij Rupert Wyne to adhere to the requirements of their different brands.

The Wines

Anthonij Rupert:

The flagship range represents the pinnacle of quality, achieved by using only the best grapes from the best-suited terroirs and processed by the most sophisticated machinery in winemaking today.

Cape of Good Hope:

The range pays tribute to the vinous heritage of the Western Cape, using grapes from ancient vines and unique sites to celebrate their impressive inheritance of terroir, climate, soil, and grape variety.

The L’Ormarins:

The range focuses on innovation with their first Méthode Cap Classique, challenging the emerging market successfully.

The Terra del Capo:

The range is a homage to the late Anthonij Rupert and his passion for bringing the finest of Italian varietals to South African soils, with two distinctly Italian wines.

The Protea:

The range consists of the more accessible wines bearing the name of South Africa’s national flower as well as the shape-shifting Greek God, Proteus illustrating the diversity of the range and commitment to the area.

The Estate

The sprawling Estate houses the Terra del Capo cellars. A wide range of award-winning wines is produced for visitors to enjoy. There are two exquisite tasting rooms located on the Estate. Each room focusses on a specific wine range.

Anthonij Rupert Wine has become an experience, and we encourage guests to come and visit us on the Estate.

Anthonij Rupert Wine