Calabash Tours is a small, locally-focused tour company that has been operating since 1997. They offer a range of services to both Inbound Tour operators & individual tourists. They are the perfect company to visit when exploring Nelson Mandela Bay. You learn more about the place itself; it’s people & the incredible wildlife that is within the area.

Nelson Mandela Bay was formerly known as Port Elizabeth, which is on the Garden Route. This is a must-see when visiting South Africa. Nelson Mandela Bay is host to serene Blue Flag Beaches. It is a place with rich British & Xhosa heritage & has some of the most attractive architecture in the world. Nelson Mandela Bay offers the perfect conditions to understand the contemporary Black culture. 75% of its 1.4 million residents being Xhosa speaking, proud and hospitable.

Calabash Tours believes in responsible tourism and pro-poor tourism thinking. Their ground-breaking approach allows visitors to understand the social history of the people. Furthermore, it introduces them to an authentic look into their day to day experiences as black South Africans

The tours offer visitors a first-hand look into the lives of those who grew up under Apartheid. In addition, they get to see the lives they lead under the new democracy. These tours show that these experiences are real, authentic, and ethical.

Calabash Tours is owned and operated by a dynamic team. They share a vision of tourism being a powerful development tool. They believe in balancing the social needs of the poor with the desire to entertain the visitors.

Visit Calabash Tours for an informative & eye-opening experience. Where you take a look into the lives of real South Africans.

Calabash Tours