Visit the Award Winning Cape Point Vineyards for an unforgettable wine & cuisine experience.

Cape Point Vineyards is in a location that is right between the mountain & the ocean. It has breath-taking views & a pleasant sea breeze. Moreover, they are home to some of the most beautiful Sauvignon Blanc’s around. They make four different styles of Sauvignon Blanc. The Sauvignon Blanc – this wine has reminders of freshly picked apricots & apples. It has a bright acidity & a fruity finish. Noordhoek Sauvignon Blanc – this wine consists of white grapefruit & a hint of floral fynbos. With a fresh & vibrant acidity. Reserve Sauvignon Blanc – this wine is barrel fermented.
Furthermore, it is an elegant representation of the landscape the grapes are grown on. It has hints of floral spice, lemon & white pepper. Lastly, Isliedh. This wine is a gorgeous fusion of pairing the Sauvignon Blanc with a sophisticated harmony of citrus & stone fruit. This is the perfect wine farm to visit for the Sauvignon Blanc enthusiasts.
The restaurant serves food that is to die for. They serve a full course meal, which is carefully curated. Guests enjoy these meals with the in-house Sauvignon Blanc wines. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner; Cape Point Vineyards Restaurant has the perfect ingredients for a wonderful time.
This wine farm has everything you can ask for. Beautiful natural surroundings that take your breath away. Delicious food that will leave you yearning for more, even on a full stomach. The most gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc that you will ever taste.
Visit Cape Point Vineyards for an incredible wine experience.

Cape Point Vineyards