Cape RADD facilitates SCUBA and freediving training courses for individuals who want to learn more about the marine environment.

This includes conservation and research through hands-on field experience and diver development. Their courses include training in data collection and field operation techniques. There are theoretical workshops and presentations from field biologists and dive experts.

Their love and passion for the oceans drive their desire to conserve the underwater environment. This is so the future generations can experience the same wonder that we have discovered.

The team at Cape RADD has an intense curiosity for understanding the inner workings of our ecosystem & in turn is has led them down a path of academia. They put a lot of effort & time in the study of our oceans to better understand how to conserve them.

Above all else, they are driven by excitement and thrill. There is no better way to stimulate passion than to fill our days with adventure.

Marine Activities:

In addition to the remarkable work the team does for the marine life – they have some of the best snorkelling & marine experiences the Western Cape has to offer. The Citizen Science Snorkel is a public participation activity in science research. Anyone who has an interest can join the team & help them collect data for data surveys.

The False Bay expedition is another one of the fun & educational activities available at Cape RADD. This expedition offers a first-hand look into the life of a marine biologist. Furthermore, it is open to everybody – the whole family. On the trip, you will learn about conservation initiatives & help the marine biologists collect essential data. The most exciting part of the trip would be searching for the Marine 5. You will search for Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Seals & Penguins. Lastly, you will descend underwater & experience the wonders of the ocean.

Visit Cape RADD & fall in love with the beauty of the seas.