Cape St Francis Resort is a beautiful paradise that is on the Eastern Cape Coast. If you love the scenic ocean views & spending time at the beach; this is the perfect holiday destination for you.

Guests have options between three accommodation options. The 5-Star Luxury Beach Villas are what luxury should look & feel like. These rooms overlook the pristine beach. These Villas are self-catering & are ideal for a family outing. You can choose to stay as a B&B guest. Upon selecting this option, breakfast will be provided in the mornings. The Villas have everyday service & excellent staff that will make your stay a dream. The 4-Star Family Cottages offer a friendly & comfortable seaside stay. These Villas are homely & have majestic views of the beach. The 3-Star Club Break accommodation is only a short walk away from the beach. It is affordable & has the same magic as the other rooms.
Cape St Francis Resort is a paradise, with many holiday activities to compliment your stay. The St Francis Golf Club has two incredible golf courses. The courses consist of 18-holes & it is a course that’s enjoyable to play. Whether you’re a pro or a novice. The Canal & River Cruises are peaceful & tranquil. The luxury 12 seater barge can fit up to 12 passengers. It is top class comfort & you can make requests for drinks to be included on your trip. Visit one of the five beautiful Nature Reserves & become one St Francis’ natural beauty.
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Cape St Francis Resort