The Cape Town Holocaust & Genocide Centre houses a permanent exhibition, conducting educational programmes. The centre hopes to embody a place of learning. Specifically, the centre documents the consequences of uncurbed discrimination, prejudice and so much more. Although not all discrimination may lead to mass genocide, it invariably precedes it. Did you know, in the 20th century alone, genocides have claimed millions of lives?
By visiting this museum, you keep the memory of the Holocaust and all other victims of Nazism alive.
The Cape Town Holocaust Centre is the first of its kind in Africa. Similarly, it is conveniently situated within Cape Town’s ‘museum mile’. Likewise, the building itself is in near the South African Library, Jewish Museum and the National Gallery.
Some of the Holocaust Centre visitors had this to say about their experience:
  • “Comparable with the finest Holocaust museums elsewhere.”
  • Brilliantly and movingly put together – a worthy tribute to the human spirit.”
  • “Sobering journey into history – may we learn from the past.”
The exhibition at the Cape Town Holocaust Centre has the following items:
  • Archival documents and actual film footage during the Nazi Holocaust.
  • Text and photo panels.
  • Authentic artefacts from decades ago.
  • Recreated environments.
  • South African context and aspects.
Furthermore, all visitors have the opportunity to watch a photographic display and a 20-minute documentary. The documentary tells the story of the survivors, who made Cape Town their home. Survivor testimonies give special insight into the events depicted.
Does the information above pique your interest? Then you find the Cape Town Holocaust Centre on the first floor of the Albow Centre. It’s situated on 88 Hatfield Street, Cape Town.
Travel to the Holocaust today and learn all about this important part in human history! 

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