Cape Town is known for its beautiful, clear ocean water. With that said, there is nothing more thrilling & fulfilling than going on an aquatic adventure with Cape Town Water Bikes.

The departure is from the beautiful & infectious small town of Simon’s Town. This is where the private launching facility is. The adventure begins with meandering past the yacht basin & the naval harbour. The journey takes you to the famous Boulder’s Beach. You are bound to meet many different sea friends. Cape Fur Seals, various birdlife & many more marine life. Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to visit Cape Town Water Bikes in the whale season, chances are you will get an opportunity to see some magnificent whales. This experience is incredibly fun.

This activity is perfect for those who do not want to do the usual activities which attract tourists. This activity is for adventurous people who love discovery. The Water Bikes are state of the art. They are silent, stable & do not emit any emissions. In addition, you will not need any prior skills. So do not fear, if you cannot ride any bicycles. Also, the ride is convenient & comfortable. The bikes have elevated seats. So, there is no chance of getting wet. Knowledgeable tour guides guide the tours. Furthermore, they are friendly & they are the personification of fun.

Come enjoy a fantastic ride with Cape Town Water Bikes.

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