A rare labour of love ! Welcome to Carole Nevin Designs.

Carole Nevin is a company where beautiful fabrics, colour and art comes together. Thus we produce beautiful handmade products. At Carole Nevin Designs you can find hand-printed textiles. These are available by the metre and hand-made. For instance, we make table linen, placemats, serviettes, cushion covers, aprons, tea towels and handbags. We also sell our exclusive hand for curtaining and upholstery all on the finest linen and cotton. Likewise, there is a variety of accessories. Indeed, all sourced from local hand-crafters.

Carole has been in the game for over 25 years and has worked with a local group of women. They call are skilled in the cutting, painting and sewing of garments. Together, they’ve created useful and beautiful garments for home. You will find evidence in their handcraft the little imperfections and irregularities, not mistakes. These are reminders of that truly personal and individual touch.

Carole work with a group of local women. So, these distinctive designs are unique, and these products make beautiful gifts. Our work is a rare labour of love !

Come and browse our exclusive range of locally hand-crafted products. An experience not to be missed.
The superb quality and originality of our products are much sought after by locals. Also tourists buy that special gift to remind them of their wonderful stay in Cape Town, South Africa.

Come visit! See you soon. 

Carole Nevin