Visit Chapman’s Peak Drive & experience one of the most beautiful marine drives in the world.

The drive is a 9km route with 114 curves. It begins at the Hout Bay Harbour & ascends up to Chapman’s Point. It is at this point that you will see the breath-taking views of the ocean. These will be the views until you get to the bottom in Noordhoek.
There is a lot to do that compliments the drive along Chapman’s Peak. Visit the Cape Point Nature Reserve. Walk amongst the gorgeous flora & fauna & learn about the intriguing history. There are many hiking routes & there’s plenty of birdlife. Furthermore, you will see some of the beautiful animals that roam the African land. You will encounter Cape Mountain Zebra’s, Baboons, as well as Ostrich. There’s a restaurant & many picnic spots.
At the Southern-end of the drive is Noordhoek. It is a beautiful country village with many things to do. Including enjoying a meal at any one of the fantastic restaurants in the area. There is beautiful accommodation in the village that offers a peaceful, country lifestyle.
This is indeed one of the most beautiful marine drives on planet earth. Affectionately known as “Chappies”; it will bless you with honest natural beauty. A beauty that anyone & everyone can appreciate.

Chapmans Peak Drive