Come face to face with some of South Africa’s most charming animals at Daniell Cheetah Project.

Daniell Cheetah Project began after the cheetah species neared extinction. Inbreeding became a problem after it was discovered that there were low population numbers. This meant that the species had very little mating choices. Richard Daniell decided to take action & do all he could to save the species. Initially, there were just three cheetah’s on the farm, but now the cheetah numbers have grown.

Furthermore, other animal species live on the farm. They believe in the conservation of our wildlife. This belief, along with the work done at the farm, has opened doors for educational tours.

There are many exciting & informative tours at Daniell Cheetah Project. The predator tour offers you an intimate look at the cheetahs. You will get an opportunity to enter the cheetah’s enclosure & interact with the animal. The encounter is dependant on the cat’s mood, so the cheetah will choose to interact, or it will walk away. The Cheetah Walk is a one hour walk with the cheetahs. The cheetahs are on harnesses & they determine the direction as well as the pace of the walk. There are Summer Walks & Winter Walks too. These walks take you around the habitat of the cheetah. You will be able to see the majestic animals in their element. This project genuinely cares about the future & conservation of the Cheetah species. All proceeds & funds made from the tours go back into the conservation project.¬†

 Visit the Daniell Cheetah Project for an exciting & memorable experience.

Daniell Cheetah Breeding Project