The Strandloper – where the food is local, the staff is local – with international standards.

Over the years, the Strandloper has been host to people from all over the world. Guests keep going back for the undeniable quality & goodness that is courtesy of the West Coast. The restaurant curates a relaxed environment. It’s all about quality time with your loved ones & enjoying delicious food.

The menu is bountiful. Ten courses are served, which means a visit to the Strandloper is an outing that warrants the whole day being spent on the seaside. Guests get Fresh Mussels, Fish Curry, Smoked Angelfish, Linefish & Kreef. These are a few of the meals the restaurant serves. The Christmas menu is a tad bit different with Chrismassy Cupcakes added to the menu & Champagne for each table to cheers for the festive season. The environment is informal & laid-back. The restaurant recommends that guests arrive wearing shorts, vests, summer dresses & t-shirts. The restaurant is right on the beach, so dressing up wouldn’t be necessary.

Let the Strandloper help with special events & functions. They pride themselves on the wedding ceremonies held at their venue. From Décor to Photographer recommendations. They will even go to the lengths of helping with organising a minister.

Visit the Strandloper for a pleasant & unforgettable culinary experience. Get ready to smile a lot wider & laugh a lot louder – at the Strandloper.

Die Strandloper