Visit Dolphin Adventures for a wonderful experience at sea.

Dolphin Adventures is a nature-based paddling adventure travel company. Their philosophy stems from the desire to enjoy the natural environment & fragile ecosystems. This company is an ecologically friendly operator. They strive to have an environmental impact that is close to none. Each of the activities is set out with minimal noise pollution & zero environmental pollution.

The most popular activity at Dolphin Adventures is the Sea Kayaking. The Kayaking is not a challenge at all. The team made sure that the tour was enjoyable for everyone. Novice kayakers & professional athletes alike. The tour is magical & guests get to experience the awesomeness of the coastline up-close & personal. The surrounding views are equally majestic. In addition, guests are likely to have memorable encounters with amazing ocean friends. Cape Fur Seals, Bottlenose & Humpback Dolphins, as well as Whales, frequent these parts.

Furthermore, the team makes sure that the experience is safe, as much as it is enjoyable. They supply life jackets & paddles. The only thing guests need to bring is their adventurous spirit & a change of clothes for after the wet fun.

Dolphin Adventures also does rentals. They rent out their Lagoon Kayaks for R100 per person for an hour & R150 per person for two hours. Surf Rentals & Surf Lessons are also available. All ages, beginners to advanced surfers are welcome. The experienced & dedicated staff are always will to answer all your questions.

Visit Dolphin Adventures for some of the best ocean fun you will ever have.

Dolphin Adventures