Nelius Britz, a glass artist and founder of EDGE Gallery at the Cape Glass Studio, was born in 1943 in Worcester in the Cape Province of South Africa. Britz obtained a Master’s degree in Botany at the University of Stellenbosch. This was before venturing into glass art. Also, his creative urge led him to study ceramics too. Nelius Britz loves art and exhibitions so much. He decided to create his own mesmerising pieces. Melanie Peters wrote how Nelius uses many techniques and materials that play with light.
With that said, Nelius Britz invites anyone intrigued to Go That Way and discover glassmaking! Britz created EDGE as a way to exhibit the best of South African art glass in one place. There was a lack of galleries that has such exhibitions, So, it was the logical thing to do.
Adding to this, Nelius felt that glass artists needed more space for larger projects. A dedicated studio would be perfect for accommodating many glass artists. The Cape Glass Studio brightens up a small lane in the heart of the Mother City. It’s situated off the top end of the celebrated and vibrant Long Street.
Nelius found that it was important for all South Africans to be acquainted with international standards of art glass. Thus, he has importing works of renowned glass artists from countries such as England, Netherlands and Australia.
Nelius also works with a handful of colleagues and fellow glass artists who produce their own work. These works of art are at the EDGE Glass Gallery too. They also join forces on larger architectural installations.
So whether you’re a collector or a visitor, you can now find that the art glass in the EDGE Gallery is of the highest calibre. It’s world-class in fact. As a result of the increased interest in art glass in South Africa, more glass artists are emerging.
Joining Nelius at the EDGE Glass Gallery will provide you and your loved ones with a memorable experience! So, feel free to visit!

Edge Glass Gallery