Keith Biermann welcomes you to False Bay Firearm Training Academy.

For shooting training, Keith Biermann is the expert. He has decade’s worth of experience & he is undoubtedly one of the most skilled shooters in Southern Africa.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy is where you will find him seven days a week. He is always teaching, giving advice and sharing his passion with anyone who asks. Keith is your best option for intensive and thorough training. He shares this passion with his daughter, Alexis Biermann – who is a championship shooter. In addition, she is an Advanced PFTC registered Instructor and Tactical Instructor at False Bay Firearm Training Academy. If you are looking for someone to train you, Alexis is one of the best. She has grown up in the firearm industry, and you can always count on her for the best possible training.

The team offers a variety of courses. You will learn how to handle & use a handgun, a rifle & a shotgun. Each of these courses cost R 1 500. However, you can also do a combination course which costs R 3 000 to learn how to use four firearms. These are the mandatory courses. There are also business courses available. These courses will teach you how to handle & use the same selection of guns in the basic course. Each of these cost R 1 200. The security combination course costs R 2 400.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy is nothing other than boatloads of fun. It is a great way to learn a new skill & relieve yourself of stress. Whatever your fantasy, this is the place to make it happen. Nothing gets the blood pumping like the sound of gunshots reverberating off the walls of this historical stone quarry.  

The team ensures you will be spoiled for choice when booking your experience.  A visit to us should definitely be on your list when touring the glorious False Bay coastline.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy