This is one of Cape Town’s genuine destinations to experience. Fish on the Rocks in Hout Bay is one of the must-visit locations. This lively restaurant is great for brunch, lunch or supper! Fish on the Rocks is full of history! In 1951, they opened as a fisherman’s supply store, and turned it into a restaurant 30 years ago. 
The restaurant itself is easy to find. It’s on Harbour Road near the waterfront. It is visible as the building has bright yellow walls and a red tin roof. It’s topped with a host of international flags flying in the wind.

Conveniently Located

Fish on the Rocks is flanked by the Hout Bay fishing harbour, the wharf, and the old Naval Heritage site (West Fort Battery 1782). To this day, this seafood restaurant has continued to grow and attract a loyal following. Customers visit from as far as Sandton and Soweto, Camps Bay and Melbourne. They all come to enjoy its unique experience.
Fish on the Rocks is special because they make you feel as a part of a family. Customers experience the melting pot of cultures and people from all walks of life. Besides, the enjoyable and fresh food is a bonus!

Stunning views and value for money



There is nothing like taking a drive to Hout Bay and enjoy a walk on the beach. Or, take a drive up to the lookout point of Chapman’s Peak. The 5-star value offered by the restaurant is the 20-prawn combo; which is ideal for four. Also, Fish on the Rocks offers their mouth-watering fish. Think, snoek, hake, calamari and line-fish. These seafood dishes will have you coming back for more.  
Relax outside on the benches and begin to feel the air on your skin and hear the sound of tug boats. Plus, the fish trawlers and seagull cries filter through the crowds in a happy mood.
Fish on the Rocks is vibey, down to earth and relaxing. There are no formalities to worry about. Arrive when you’d like. There’s no rush to leave. They always have a place for one more.
Fish on the Rocks is a 20-minute coastal drive from Cape Town Business District (CBD) and the V&A Waterfront. Additionally, it is 40-minutes from Cape Town International Airport.

Fish on the Rocks