GREAT WHITE SHARK TOURS invites you for a sensational shark diving experience.

From the get-go, GREAT WHITE SHARK TOURS endeavours to make your experience memorable. The crew are highly skilled professionals with no two trips are ever the same. This makes each trip unique and your experience will live with you forever.

The boat features all creature comforts for such a trip. Thus, you can enjoy your time whilst on your voyage. While relaxing on your 7 km trip to Dyer Island and Jouberts Dam, the crew is hard at work attracting the Great White Sharks. Lovely refreshments are available throughout the day and are part of the package.

Furthermore, the shark cage diving experience is as close as you’ll safely get to swim with Great Whites. Just image the experience, mere meters in the ocean with these magical creatures!

To give prospective customers peace of mind, the cage is custom-made. The cage uses 12 mm galvanised steel mesh. Likewise, it can comfortably accommodate up to 8 divers. The cage floats right next to the boat to enable the diver to climb in and out easily. Therefore, the sharks are not able to enter the cage. Note that they aren’t interested in doing so either. Also, all the diving equipment for this experience is part of the package.

Some key points to note:

  • GREAT WHITE SHARK TOURS do not feed the sharks.
  • You only need basic snorkelling experience to take part.
  • In addition, transfers to and from convenient central points are available.

Very important! Please bring along some sunscreen, appropriate swimming attire, warm clothes for the after dive and a camera to take a few photos. As an added extra, be sure to see a pharmacist for motion sickness tablets.

Brian McFarlene, owner and operator, has spent his life in the pursuit and studying of Great White Sharks. He offers guests a premium experience in South African waters. So, why wait? Book now and have an unforgettable story to tell your friends and family.

Great White Shark Tours