Join us at The Heart of Cape Town Museum and experience the drama of the world’s first human transplant.

This historic museum pays tribute to all those who played an important role in the surgical accomplishment. Their accomplishment pushed the boundaries of science and changed our perceptions of what was possible.

Professor Barnard led this medical feat within the walls of the Charles Saint Theatre, at Groote Schuur Hospital. This event took place on the 3rd December 1967.

Today, learn about the magic and wonder behind the heart transplant at this museum. At the same time, all guests will have the opportunity to learn more about the moments behind the scenes. This includes all stories about the doctors, research, operating theaters and so on.  With that said, the museum offers an experience unlike any other.

All guests are advised to read the information in the list below. The list helps ensure that bookings are as smooth as possible at The Heart of Cape Town Museum.

Useful Booking Tips

  • Group bookings are vital
  • The Heart of Cape Town Museum offers guided tours only; no walkabouts
  • The 17:00 tour is by appointment only and must be booked 48 hours in advance
  • The museum recommends that all visitors contact the museum directly in advance of your visit, either via phone or email (this is to assess tour guide availability and to prevent disappointment as tours tend to fill up quickly)
  • If you, friends and family do happen to book through  3rd party websites offering tickets to our museum, please be aware that you are still required to contact the museum directly to check availability.

When searching for things to do in Cape Town, this is an adventure that is unique to The Heart of Cape Town Museum and it’s an experience not to be missed!  


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