La Vierge

What makes us so unique?

Nestled away in the scenic mountains of the Hemel en Aarde Valley near Hermanus. Visitors can find La Vierge. The tantalising wines merit more than it’s attractive physical characteristics.

The long summers, the Atlantic Ocean and the fantastic vineyard, is perfect for our wines. Most noteworthy, our magnificent Pinot Noir wine is a daily activity and is a great choice.

Have you seen our Vineyards?

The low yielding vines nestled in the Bokkeveld Mountains above Hermanus. The vines produce the fruit of a high standard. Planted on the shale slopes. It allows for the fertile clay-based soil to create the perfect wines. Above all, our wines are famous for their varietal detail and purity.

The higher concentration of flavours is due to the smaller crops. Our secret is clay soil. It acts as a deep reservoir in the winter — the moisture releases throughout the cool summer growing season. The slow process nourishes the wines.

It’s an art, don’t you know?

At La Vierge, all the grape harvesting is by hand. Our style and philosophy pay to focus on showcasing the character of the grapes. While at the same time doing as little as possible to them. We emphasise the delicious and beautiful fruit. Furthermore, the wines age and mature in French oak in our cellar below the winery.

La Vierge