Le Bonheur is the perfect family outing to experience unforgettable encounters with some of the world’s most fascinating reptiles.

Le Bonheur is perfect for family outings. Guests get the opportunity to get up close & personal with the reptiles. You can enjoy a day outing or spend a whole weekend at their incredible Waterside Stays. They have a plethora of tours & activities.

The Croc Pond Tours are exciting. Guests will see the captive bred-bask. This is home to over 200 crocodiles. There are 11 daily tours, which makes it easy for arriving and joining a tour. Therefore, booking is not a necessity. The “Snakes In Transit” Tour is a self-guided tour. Guests will see the incredible collection of local & foreign snakes. It is open the whole week, which means guests are welcome to visit the exhibition any time. The most invigorating activity there is at Le Bonheur is the Crocodile Cage Diving. This is a crocodile encounter that will get anyone’s adrenaline levels through the roof. In the dive, the guest will share a pond with half a dozen Nile Crocodiles. It is thrilling & it is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Le Bonheur offers many other services. They host the most fun Kid’s Parties. In addition, guests can enjoy Bass Fing, Rowing as well as Cycling. Picnics at the location are delightful. The garden is luscious & the picnic hampers are absolutely delicious. 

Furthermore, they have the most beautiful accommodation & a restaurant that serves the very best of South African cuisine. 

Visit Le Bonheur for an amazing experience of the Cape Winelands.

LeBonheur Adventures