Discover the beauty of African art with Monkeybiz!

Monkeybiz, founded in January 2000 is more than just an organization that deals in the selling of artworks. Like many others, Monkeybiz fully comprehends the wrongdoings of South Africa’s controversial past. This has greatly influenced the gender, racial, and societal inequalities that can be seen today.

The company’s authenticity stems from its highest achievements. Monkeybiz recognises and develops the artistic ability of people who have never had the opportunity to express themselves through art.

Non-profit focusing on empowerment


Furthermore, Monkeybiz is a non-profit income bead project striving towards economic empowerment. They focus on women’s economic upliftment and health development in the most economically under-resourced areas of South Africa.

Providing these women with an outlet and tools for sustainable employment has become of even greater importance. Above all, this is important due to the recent gender-based violence attacks against all women and children.

For example, each Monkeybiz artwork is unique and is signed by the artist. It ensures that individual artists receive recognition for their work. This leads to both parties benefitting. In addition, this provides artists with a voice to express themselves, and also facilitates the giving back process.  Through this initiative, prospective buyers feel closer to both Monkeybiz and the artist they have chosen to support.

So where does your money go? All of the profits from the sales of artworks are reinvested back into community services. These include food parcels, soup kitchens and a burial fund for artists and their families.

Against all odds, Monkeybiz has persevered and is a benchmark for many Non-Profit Organizations. Their dedication has led international acclaim, with stores in Tokyo, Paris, London and New York all selling their art.

Please pop in… They would love to meet you and show you what they, as a Non-Profit Organization, are all about!