Visit Monkeyland – the first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary in the world.

The sanctuary started as a place that could give freedom to ex-captive primates. The founder, Tony Blignaut, discovered that these animals were staying in negligent environments in people’s homes. The dream was always to keep these primates safe & then re-populate the areas they truly belong in. Monkeyland is the best place to visit for a monkey safari experience. The sanctuary is home to over 550 primates. There are Capuchin Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Saki Monkeys, as well as Gibbons. Furthermore, there is a Canopy Tour. With the bonus of multi-lingual guides.

Jukani is home to some of the most majestic cats in the world. They offer the most insightful, guided tours. The tours are 80-minutes long. These animals have been saved & put back in the natural habitat they belong in that is devoid of human interference. Guests will get to see Lions, Jaguars, Tigers as well as Leopards. In addition, Jukani is also home to Raccoons, Zebras & the South African National animal – the Springbok.

Birds of Eden provides a loving & free home to previously caged birds. They are home to a mixture of exotic & African birds. There are over different Parrot species. Since they have been in the care of humans, they don’t fear human interaction. Some of these birds have never encountered other birds before. Therefore, the sanctuary helps them with their rehabilitation & socialisation processes. Birds of Eden are home to over 220 different bird types & over 3500 birds live in the sanctuary.

Monkeyland, Jukani & Birds of Eden are the perfect places to visit for appreciating the majestic & magical creatures we share our beautiful planet with. 

Monkeyland, Birds of Eden & Jukani