Visit Njalo Njalo for a beautiful dream of wildlife.

They have a variety of exciting & memorable safaris to do. The Morning Safari is a 2-3 hour Game experience. It is a guided tour with an experienced & passionate guide to help make your experience memorable. You will receive a welcome drink on arrival, a delicious Buffet Breakfast then the adventure shall begin. After the experience, you will sit down for a lovely lunch.

The Quad Bike Safari is a favourite amongst the visitors. The safari is an hour to 2 hours long. They allow a maximum of 10 people on each safari & the adventure will happen in the company of 2 guided tour guides; who are also qualified rangers. This tour also starts with a welcome drink, a Buffet Breakfast & after all the thrilling fun – relax & enjoy a delicious lunch to cap off the experience.

The Horseback Safari day trip is an alternative option for experiencing the natural wonders of South Africa. You will not need any prior Horse Riding experience. The Combo Safari combines a 2 to 3-hour Game Drive in an Open Safari Vehicle. You will have an option to either add a Horse Back Safari or a Quad Bike Outride. These Safaris start with welcome drinks, a Buffet Breakfast & a delicious lunch at the end of the adventure.

You also have the added option of getting pampered with a Spa Treatment. This is optional & it is highly recommended after a long day in the day. Relax & unwind & take in the beautiful nature of the Game Reserve.

Visit Njalo Njalo Safaris for an unforgettable wildlife experience.

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