Join Ocean Blue Adventures for an unforgettable experience of the Plettenberg Bay seas.

Ocean Blue Adventures offers an experience that is authentic to Plettenberg Bay. Whether your interests are the marine life, the spectacular landscapes or the lives of the local community. They have the most passionate & diligent staff. This is where you will find experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.
They offer four different excursions. You can go on the Dolphin Encounters. On this excursion guests usually see Bottlenose & rare Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins. Furthermore, there is also a high chance that some sharks will be roaming around the area. Other species typically make appearances on these tours. The Whale Watching Encounters are as majestic as the Dolphin Encounters. The Whales guests encounter are usually migrating Humpback Whales en-route to their feeding or breeding grounds. Depending on the location of the Whales, there is also a high chance of meeting the Great White Sharks.
The Township Tour is courtesy of a passionate member of the Qolweni Community. You will receive a bottle of water & a snack before the tour begins. The tour consists of a visit to the local Siyakhula creche, followed by conversations with members of the community. On this tour, you will learn a lot about the history & culture of the local people. The last tour available at Ocean Blue Adventures is the Robberg Hike. This is a guided hike & it has some of the most beautiful scenes South Africa has to offer.
Visit Ocean Blue Adventures for a magnificent Garden Route experience.

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