Ostrich International has been crafting quality hand-made Ostrich Leather products since 1989.

Quality is essential. They take time to craft unique products. They handpick the best Ostrich Leather & create works of art. Everything they use comes from a local source. The leather comes straight from Oudtshoorn, the capital of the Ostrich Trade.

There is a variety of well-made products. Products range from Handbags to Backpacks. They produce Purses & Wallets. As well as Travel Bags. The bags are made to ensure they last a lifetime. In addition, the bags have contemporary designs. Designs which incorporate timeless quality with modern-day chic.

The products come in many colours. This means there is something for everyone. African Violet, Bordeaux, Chartreuse, Forest Green, Indian Pink, Pistachio, Scarlet Red, Tangarine, Artic Ice, Canterbury, Cyclemen, French Blue. As well as Cognac. These are just some of the many colour options available.

Ostrich International ensures to cater to everyone’s preferences. The styles of the bags are trendy. The colours are vibrant. Furthermore, having one of these pieces is a definite fashion statement. The brand draws inspiration from some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Namely, Versace & Christian Dior. The head designer, Nini is a well traveled fashion enthusiast. Drawing inspiration from Milan & New York runways. Ostrich International believes in empowering their workers. All the workers are ladies, who are the sole providers for their families. 

This company prides themselves on their love for attention to detail. So if you’re visiting Oudtshoorn & you are looking for quality & style, visit Ostrich International.

Ostrich International