Experience the awe of standing at Point of Human Origins.

Point of Human Origins is an archaeological site that is home to early evidence of modern human behaviour.
There are four tour options available at this site. The first two tour options are with Dr Nilssen. The site prefers that each tour consists of a group of 8 people or more. If it’s a group of fewer than eight people, then the booking becomes a private tour. The full tour has two parts. The tour begins with a presentation from Dr Nilssen. The presentation looks into human nature & behaviour. Dr Nilssen also taps into ancient environments, as well as cave formation processes. Furthermore, Dr Nilssen taps into stone tool technology, as well as how the earliest ancestors survived extinction through their reliance on nature. The second part of the tour is a visit to the caves of Pinnacle Point.
The guided Cave Visits is the third tour option. No particular group size is mandatory. Any specific questions should be sent to Dr Nilssen. The guides may be qualified, but they are not scientists. This tour usually stretches for about 1.5 hours. This tour is quite strenuous, so participants should be mildly fit. The last activity is Point to Point. This tour starts with a visit to the Pinnacle Point caves. Then a five-hour hike. This hike includes a picnic & a walk along the famous St. Blaize Trail. The trek ends at a renowned Stone Age archaeological site at the point of Mossel Bay. At the end of the day, visit the Pinnacle Point Club House Restaurant for a fulfilling & delicious meal.
Awaken the human spirit & learn about the original human design at Point of Human Origins.

Point of Human Origins