South Africa has over 100 species of sharks in its waters. Join Shark Explorers on a shark expedition of a lifetime. Shark Explorers and partner company, Atlantic Edge Films provides shark tours suited to your needs. The brand offers great value for money for all! All the activities can be done via Scuba or snorkel (if you are not scuba certified.) Want to experience the sharks on Scuba and have some time in Cape Town, then shark explorers can also provide you with a world recognised scuba certification.


Customers will be given the chance to interact, dive, photograph and film sharks. Some of the sharks you can expect to see based on the tour you choose could be: 

  • Mako sharks
  • Blue sharks
  • White sharks
  • Sevengill sharks
  • Spotted gully sharks
  • Dark Shy sharks
  • Pajama sharks
  • Puffadder Cat sharks
  • Leopard Cat sharks

Shark explorers offer the following shark tours:

Cage Diving: No scuba certification required. Shark explorers will take you on an adventure to the famous False Bay seal island. Well known for the footage on NAT GEO, Discovery and the BBC for the breaching of great white sharks. Here you are able to see the great white or prehistoric broad nose seven gill shark up close and personal from the comfort of the cage. Duration between 4 and 5 hours. 

Blue and Mako offshore Diving: Meet the fastest fish in the water, the Mako shark as well as the curious blue shark. This dive is on scuba but if you do not have a scuba certification and the cage is not daring enough, join us on this dive while snorkelling and meet these two amazing sharks outside of a cage. Duration is between 6 to 8 hours.

Inshore seal and Kelp forest Diving: This is dive takes you to the seals and the magical kelp forest where you will meet Cape Town’s endemic shark species. This adventure can be done on Scuba as well as snorkelling should you not be scuba certified. Duration is between 4 to 5 hours.

Let Shark Explorers help you to plan your ultimate shark experience and change your perspective! It’s the best chance of you meeting the shark of your choice!

Be sure to book and find out more about this once in a lifetime experience.

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