South Africa is famous for having some of the best surfing spots in the world, thanks to its temperate climate, sublime coastal scenery, and superb waves. This statement is something both locals and tourists can agree upon. Each surfing location is different from the other, and each surfer has their own favourite spot.  

Do you, your friends, and your loved ones want to experience this for yourselves? Then come on down and join Surf Life in an oceanic outdoor adventure. Surf Life is a highly credible mobile surf school which started in 2013, and is based in Blouberg, South Africa.

Their passion for people has given them the privilege of teaching the fundamentals of surfing to hundreds of surf students. The experienced surfers explain how surfing can be a difficult sport or hobby to take on by oneself. However, with instruction, you have the ability to fast-forward your surfing progress and avoid learning common bad habits.

For this reason, Surf Life offers various surf packages for people who want to have a go or take surfing up as their new hobby.

  • HAVE A GO / Once-Off Lesson – R 440 per person. 1 surf student
  • THE CLICK / Once-Off Lesson – R 380 per person. 2-5 surf students
  • LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR / Once-Off Group Lesson – R 320 per person. 6+ surf students
  • 4 PACK PRIVATE – (4 lessons of 2 hours each). R1550 per person. 1 surf student
  • 4 PACK GROUP – (4 lessons of 2 hours each). R 1350 per person. 2+ surf students
  • SCHOOL`S OUT – 10 Week surf program for ages 12-18 years only. R 2900 per surf student
  • THE KID -R350 per child (private lesson). R270 per person (2 or more people)

** One & a Half hour lesson

In addition, Surf Life offers all customers with a 2 hour rental period on their surfboards and wetsuits.  Check availability and book now!

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