Visit Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures for an unforgettable experience.

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park offers spectacular Zipline adventure slides across the Kruis River.

The Original Tour has eight slides. The longest is 211m. It zigzags along cables across the river gorge. The cables are as high as 50m above the water in some places. Each section presents its surprises & adventure.

Furthermore, you will be able to see beautiful views of indigenous Tsitsikamma fauna and flora. Users can control the speed of their descent. This means that you can stop mid cable to take in some of the impressive views over the waterfalls. The guides provide interesting commentary about the area.

The Tripple Tour is a fantastic adventure tour consisting of 3 slides of which the longest is 500m. Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures operates in all weather conditions, 365 days a year. This is a dry activity, and rain suites will be provided when necessary. Children 3 years and older can partake in this action-packed adventure thrill. They allow children to slide in tandem with parents or with a guide.

Furthermore, there is the Ceres Zip Slide Adventure. This new slide adventure is in the lovely mountains surrounding the Ceres Valley.  A mere 1.5 hours’ drive from Cape Town. Our Ceres Zip slide Tour offers eight slides. This is the longest tour in Africa. The fantastic rock formations and river form a perfect backdrop to a fun, adrenaline-filled adventure. The slides vary in lengths from 110 meters to 290 meters. The highest point above the ground is 40 meters. They operate in all weather conditions. There is no group size limit, and children from 3 years old can take part in this amazing adventure.

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Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure