The West Coast Fossil Park is a fascinating place to visit. It’s filled with the rich history of species which roamed the West Coast some 5 million years ago.

The fossils at West Coast Fossil Park are remarkably preserved. A team of local & international researchers work diligently to uncover the remains of the animals. With state of the art technology, they work tirelessly to recreate the climate & environment these extinct beings lived under. Via phosphate mining, it was discovered that a plethora of animals used to roam these West Coastlands. They found the remains of Saber-toothed Cats, African Bears as well as Hunting Hyenas.

Furthermore, these species lived in a more subtropical West Coast. A West Coast that had open grassland & lush riverine forests. This park has all the information. With state of the art facilities & incredible information that is bound to blow your mind.

West Coast Fossil Park offers a variety of exciting activities. A 45-minute Guided Tour of the site where the fossils are dug from. Fossil Park advises that guests bring hats or umbrellas. Furthermore, they should wear comfortable shoes for the walk. The Pre-Booked activities are for those who like to touch, feel & create. These activities include mock digs & owl pellet dissections. The most exciting part of these activities is making your own fossil. This is also a great souvenir to take home after a memorable experience. Lastly, at the end of the visit, guests can relax & enjoy a meal at the Restaurant. Enjoy delicious burgers & toasted sandwiches. As well as a variety of quiches & wraps.

Visit the West Coast Fossil Park & immerse yourself in the rich history of fossils in the West Coast.

West Coast Fossil Park