Visit White Shark Africa for the best White Shark Diving in the world.

White Shark Africa has been running successfully since 1995. It is in Mossel Bay, which has an abundance of sea life. These seas are home to a diverse group of fish. You can find Whales, Dolphins & Penguins. Furthermore, there are plenty of Sharks roaming the waters. The staff are a group of well-educated & passionate individuals. Therefore, the experience will be a delightful one.

Join White Shark Africa for an exciting day of Diving with the Sharks. You will meet the excellent staff & enjoy a delicious breakfast. In this same time, there will be a safety briefing. The next step would be to take a lovely ride to the shark site & wait for some sharks to appear. Mossel Bay is perfect for Shark viewing & Shark Cage Diving. It has the most accessible White Sharks in the world. As we all know, the sea is a vast place. So, to get the Shark’s attention, you will have to bait & chum. All of the bait used is natural & is not harmful to the sharks or the environment. The Sharks will appear next to the boat & this is when the cage is lowered into the water. This is when diving begins. The trip is usually around 4 – 5 hours. They offer a light lunch, snacks & drinks.

White Shark Africa is the perfect place to experience the Great White Shark.

Come & experience these magnificent creatures now.

White Shark Africa