White Shark Projects – Viewing and Cage Diving

White Shark Projects is a world-leading organisation. It strives to focus on the conservation of the great white shark in South Africa. These goals come through various forms of responsible tourism and research. The organisation involves itself in film, conservation, education, diving and viewing.

What we offer:

Diving and viewing the great white shark.
A DVD of your footage with the sharks.
Group bookings and private charters are available.
Shuttle service from Cape Town to Kleinbaai if needed.
Accommodation in the region if needed.


Buffet breakfast at the White Shark Lodge.
Spend a day onboard the 36 foot, custom build dive catamaran.
Receive information about the great white shark.

On the day:

Bring sunblock, comfortable shoes, swimwear, a windbreaker and a cap.
Extras are binoculars and a camera.
A disposable camera is available for sale at the lodge.
Seasickness tablets are for those prone to motion-sickness.
Buy our range of branded caps and clothing available to buy at the lodge.


White Shark Projects