Did you know that the World of Birds is the largest bird park in Africa? The sanctuary is home to over 3, 000 birds (and small animals) of 400 different species. Upon visiting World of Birds, you will notice that each species is in more than 100 landscaped walk through aviaries. Each aviary is spacious, allowing you the most intimate relationship with nature.

A paradise for birds

The World of Birds’ tropical garden is at the back of Table Mountain, Chapman’s Peak, and Little Lion’s Head. A utopia for photographers and nature lovers alike, this is one of Cape Town’s premier tourist attractions which no visitor should miss.
The World of Birds is a private institution focusing on “bringing wildlife to the city and bringing people and animals closer together, with a newfound respect for and understanding of nature.” The Wild Bird Trust supports this great initiative.
About food, World of Birds has a little cafe that serves light meals and drinks. Not to mention, you may bring a picnic basket for a cute picnic at the Flamingo Terrace. Have little ones? No worries, the sanctuary offers pushcarts for hire at an affordable of R20. One can also find an exciting children’s playground on the premises. This allows the little ones to run wild, whilst you relax and capture this memory forever.
The World of Birds cares for all their guests’ needs. Most areas and restrooms are accessible to people in wheelchairs. Please note that visitors in wheelchairs are also granted free entry.
Please be sure to pick up a printout of the park map at the entrance of the aviary park. The bird sanctuary also has a quirky curio shop. It sells a variety of souvenirs and memento’s so you will never forget your visit.
Bring your friends and family and visit today!

World of Birds